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About Us

We take pride in supplying the New Zealand market (ie. auctions, wholesalers, florists and exporters) with stylish Phalaenopsis Orchid Flowers.

The Phalaenopsis, often referred to as moth orchid, is called this way, because the blooms look like butterflies.

It’s natural habitat are the tropical rainforests in Northern Australia, Southern China to Taiwan, South East Asia and the Philippines to name a few.

Meet the owners

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The Owners
jacob anja phalaenopsis nurseries

After immigrating from Holland to New Zealand 15 years ago with our 3 young boys, we established our nursery in the sunny Bay of Plenty in Tauranga.

Taking advantage of the subtropical climate.

After setting our nursery up as a cut stem business for export only, we got a lot of local enquiries for pot plants and cut stems. This made us decide to grow pot plants as well as cut stems to also supply the New Zealand market.

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Our Range

We import our tissue culture plants from top breeders all over the world, but mainly from Taiwan, Belgium and Holland. Over the years the most popular colour used is white, but we also have different colours available.

In addition we can dye the cut stems in your preferred colour. Our stems are especially suitable for weddings and events. The pot plants range in sizes, they can be ordered in a 12cm or a 15cm pot. Our Phalaenopsis orchids will look beautiful in your home, hotel, office or reception.

Cut Stems

Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality Phalaenopsis stems. Feel free to enquire for prices, availability and specials.
  • Our premium grade cut stems have a bloom count of 7 – 9 blooms

  • Our medium size stems have a bloom count of 5 or 6 blooms in total

  • Blooms only are available as well

  • Colours: white, hot pink, normal pink, variegated pink (limited availability)

  • Dyed in your preferred colour

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Pot Plants

All our plants are grown in New Zealand sourced tree fern fibre and are therefore of excellent quality, long-lasting and very easy to maintain.
  • 12cm pot, single and double stem, mainly white

  • 15cm pot, single and double stem, big white

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Minimum Order Quantity

All plants and stems are securely packed to withstand national and international shipping and delivered right to your doorstep.
  • Our cut stems are packed in a box of 10 stems

  • Our 12cm pot plants are packed in a box of either 9 or 16 plants

  • Our 15cm pot plants are packed in a box of 9 plants

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